The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective

A safe space to be nurtured and heal

The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective provides safe spaces with access to the needed heart-centred therapeutic practices and teachings rooted in a rich Muslim spiritual heritage. This is done in a compassionate, non-judgemental and emphatic environment that speaks to the needs and experiences of the Black Muslim Woman. 

Our Main Offerings:


To access this community of Black, Muslim sisters was truly a sanctuary. Though we were diverse in our Blackness & our Muslimness, it genuinely felt like we were united in our diversity, rather than being united despite it. It felt like a space where we be fully ourselves in our complexity, and yet still unified in our commonalities

Sumaiyah Forbes

A beautiful uplifting space like no other I’ve experienced before. May it continue to grow and support black Muslim as always

Faduma Hasan

This space is unique, it provides an opportunity for collective pain to be explored. There is comfort in showing up and not having to explain your struggle or pain but it’s understood deeply, even in your silence. Particularly in a world where you feel you and your community is so misunderstood and mistreated!

Samira Hussein