Meet Our Healing Circle Facilitators


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Matshidiso (Mat-see-dee-soh) is a Home Educator of 2, who teaches English as a foreign language to non-native English speakers, Arabic to ”Black” women (both Muslim & non-Muslim) at the start of their Arabic learning journey using creative means she calls Afro-Arabic design. She has a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy & Biotechnology, but her interest lies in Homeopathy. She came across the collective as a part of her own healing journey, & believes that it has been an important space to help her reshape, expand & refill her vessel so that she can continue to pour from a more bountiful & healthier place.

Mide Allen

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Mide is a Permaculture Consultant/Designer, Beekeeper and Ecotherapist. The majority of her work is through her charity Fruitful Orchard CIC where she teaches workshops centred around self-sustainability.  At present she runs an Ecotherapy Programme that accepts referrals from Practitioners, using nature as a form of healing.  She is the mother of two young boys and is dedicated to raising them in a holistic and grounded manner. Mide was drawn to the collective as she recognised the importance of creating spaces where Black Muslim sisters can feel heard, held and supported in a time of need.

Rabiah Mali

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Rabiah is a Medical Herbalist and Community Healer, she has been practicing Plant medicine for the past 10 years. She is dedicated to creating healing spaces for women through the advancement of female scholarship, creativity and Prophetic well-being practices. She is currently studying Islamic counselling and the therapeutic benefits of the singing voice. 

Suad Ahmed

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Suad is an integrative Psychotherapist, she works with women in her private practice Journey Within; as well as freelancing as a therapist for community organisations to support Women and girls.

Adelah Bilal

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Adelah Bilal is a yoga teacher who has been leading the healing sessions through breathwork and compassionate listening. She is passionate about creating spaces that uplift, unite and empower Black women

Zainab Kabba

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Zainab Kabba is a researcher, strategist, and gathering designer. She is passionate about curating and holding spaces that are educational and nourshing for women.