Literary Salon

An intimate gathering that uses the written word to bear witness to the life experiences of Black Muslim women.

Our gatherings aim to showcase and unearth stories that animate how we are seen and see ourselves in our families, our communities, and society to help us better know ourselves and identify ways to nourish one another.

Our conversations give voice to our psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing to help us better know ourselves and enable us to be better stewards of ourselves and our communities.

An important aspect of trauma healing that is often overlooked is the final mile: reintegration and reconstruction of identity.

I was searching for a civillian and
non-professional spaces free from racial prejudice that can promote a healthy reconstruction of self and sense of belonging. This is the only space I found. 

 – A Salon Attendee

Salon Features


Each edition of the Salon covers two books. Books are nominated and selected by the Salon members. Suggested books can be any work of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry authored by a Black woman.

We begin with a social session and then spend three sessions on each book. We offer an optional in-person meetup to deepen relationships and further discussion over food and various activities. This means we have 7 virtual sessions and 2 in-person sessions.

The Salon meets every two weeks on Zoom.


Time: To honour the openess and vulnerability of the group, Salon attendees are asked to attending all 9 sessions, alerting us if you must miss a session for a  serious personal reason.

Registration fee: As a charity, the Black Womens Healing Collective is run by volunteers. We ask attendees to pay £34. This fee goes towards supporting the Collective’s work.

*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please email us for support.

Salon Resources

Salon Sisters recieve a guidebook, reflective emails for each session, tailored workbooks for each in-person session related to the themes unearthed in our conversations, and a small gift.

The Salon Experience

We consider the Salon a success when attendees express how transformative the gatherings have been for their healing journeys. We want everyone to leave having discovered something new about themselves, expanded their knowledge of the experiences of Black women, or developed relationships with other Black Muslim women with whom they can experience joy.

I learned …

I am a reflector and at times I like to observe and take things in to learn from what others are saying. I also thrive when I feel safe enough to be my whole self without judgement.

Such a beautiful day, and I’m still smiling Alhamdulillah. I really enjoyed the laughter, deep convos, delicious food and the safe space you lovely ladies provided today. It’s such a blessing to feel seen and accepted for who you truly are Alhamdulillah.

The group keeps me motivated about so many aspects of my life. I feel a sense of deep companionship, even without your physical presence mashallah! 

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