Meet Our Team

Rabiah Mali

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Rabiah is a qualified Medical Herbalist, Creative and Community Healer, she has been practicing and teaching Plant medicine for the past 10 years. Her work involves the use of nature and local plant-based knowledge to connect to our inner healer and heal the wounds of separation. She is the founder of the Green Deen Tribe, a movement dedicated to inner and outer stewardship of the Earth, as a means of ‘treading gently on the land’. She is a musician and has performed and taught devotional songs across the world as the duo Pearls of Islam.

For decades she has been dedicated to creating healing spaces for women through the advancement of Muslim female scholarship, Female creativity and Prophetic well-being practices. She is currently studying Islamic counselling and the therapeutic benefits of singing.

Suad Ahmed

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Suad is an integrative Psychotherapist and member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has been working in the mental health,  homelessness and women’s domestic abuse sector for over a decade in community and residential services. More recently she works with women in her private practice Journey Within; as well as freelancing at community and grassroot projects supporting Women and girls. 

Suad’s journey into supporting women to heal, grow and come into connection with themselves, came through her own profound experience of being held by women to find her inner voice. As a Psychotherapist and workshop facilitator she provides warm, open and nurturing spaces for women to reflect, connect and grow into their wholeness.


Adelah Bilal

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Adelah Bilal is a yoga teacher who has been leading the healing sessions through breathwork and compassionate listening. She is passionate about creating spaces that uplift, unite and empower Black women. She has a Masters degree in Islamic law and is excited to be in a space which is rooted in Islamic tradition and cultivates growth, knowledge and Black cultural appreciation.