Our Story

‘Are you okay, sis? I mean really are you okay?’

The collective started with someone picking up the phone and asking this question. She reached out to ‘check in’, to see how my heart was coping in the midst of a global pandemic and the high-profile anti-Black violence. It took that question for me to realise that I was just about ‘holding it together’ and was not okay.

I then scrolled through my phone checking in with other Black Muslim Women, including our co-founders, asking ‘Are you okay?’ The response was the same. ‘No, we are not okay’.

During this time of heightened harmful impact of social and political issues, like many Black women, we were searching for a space to express our feelings without judgement. A space to be heard and seen and where we could heal, rest and feel safe. A space where we could be supported and hold and witness each other.

Black Muslim Women suffer from what can be seen as a triple consciousness, as they face racial prejudice, Islamophobia, misogynoir, all from general society and within Muslim communities, and often feel they are too Muslim for some spaces and too Black for others. 

Where can Black Muslim Women be their full selves and be valued? Where and how can we heal in protected spaces that are centered on us? The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective was born to create this space, where our whole selves are acknowledged and welcomed for healing.

-Rabiah Mali (BMWHC)

The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective provides safe spaces with access to the needed heart-centred therapeutic practices and teachings rooted in a rich Muslim spiritual heritage. This is done in a compassionate, non-judgemental and emphatic environment that speaks to the needs and experiences of the Black Muslim Woman. Since that telephone call, we are a growing collective from across the Black African Diaspora living in Europe, North America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Our Main Offerings:

*We are committed to being of service to our community and so our offerings continue to evolve and grow to reflect the learnings and needs of our community.

“The faithful, in their love for one another and in their having mercy for one another and in their kindness toward one another, are like one body; when a member of it ails, all (the parts of) the body call one another (to share the pain) through sleeplessness and fever.” (Muslim)

Healing You, Healing Your Family, Healing Community, Healing Descendants.

Our Healing Streams

Gratitude to our Elders and Teachers

We show deep gratitude to the collective of Black Muslim Women who have come before us, and to those who are doing incredible work in our community. Those that are known and visible and those that are not. We, Thank you and We are at your service. May Allah bless you.

May Allah bless our Mothers

May Allah bless our Mothers

May Allah bless our Mothers

We honour and show gratitude to our teachers and Shayukh who have shown us the beautiful way of Islam, the healing of the Quran and the love of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). May Allah bless them and keep us with those that will guide us to the Beauty of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Thank You, We Love You and we are at your service.

May Allah bless our honourable ancestors, whose duas are the reason that we are here today walking this blessed path.